Rabu, 11 April 2018

The OPPORTUNITY TO GET A JOB AT.  ABROAD.                                
Now is the time for you as aviation skill resources to get a job at abroad with get intresting salary.                
Pt.APJ has made join operation with JAN-grp(ASR) to coordinate who wants to get a job with the standard requirements are as follows;                                  
1.must be able speaking and writing in aviation english.                  
2.possess the certificate or the license.           3.can do work in a team.                                   4.loyal to the company        
6.following the procedures.                         7.always keep in mind safety first.                 8.if you wish to make application for the job, please don't forget to attach the photo copy of point 2.
9. Send your soft copy document such as CV, picture, licence and certificate to alexfso22@gmail.com                
Please contact us :            
62081286829766.  Jasman                  6208562068457.   WA Alex                        62082280288881. Nanang ST                   Thank you